Two-tone ballet flats are the classy shoe trend people are wearing right now

As someone who lives in an apartment all season long, I’m always on the lookout for comfortable styles that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Luckily for me, elegant yet wearable ballet flats have made a huge comeback in the last few seasons with luxury brands like The Row and The Row. Alaia We release pairs in a variety of shapes, materials, and colors.

Ballet flats can be worn year-round and block colors may be your natural choice, but fashion insiders in the world’s chicest cities are taking a different approach to elevating their outfits this spring. I am.

Enter the two-tone ballet shoes. This style has been taking over my Instagram feed lately, with influencers showing off how versatile this shoe is. Paired with everything from tailored pants to his LBD, two-tone ballet flats have proven to be just as easy to wear as more minimalist styles.

Tamara Molly wears two-tone ballet pumps in Lisbon

Although they come in a variety of colors, sticking to neutral combinations like black and white or black and tan will make styling easier when pairing pumps with your outfit. Influencers seem to agree. They’re worn with more formal minidresses or used to elevate a casual blazer and jeans combo.

Emmanuel Coffey wears two-tone ballet pumps in Paris

From classic Chanel styles to more affordable alternatives, both luxury and high street brands offer pumps in contrasting colors. Check out our edit of the best two-tone ballet shoes to buy right now.

Felicia Akerstrom wears two-tone ballet pumps in Paris

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