The two-tone handbag trend is set to be big this summer.

When it comes to bag trends, I tend to stick to classic black styles. Offering timeless appeal, my elegant pouch has never let me down. But this season, my eyes have been wandering and I’ve found myself obsessed with the equally heightened handbag trend that’s been appearing everywhere lately.

Up and down the high street, and across my designer brands, the two-tone handbag trend is the new season style the industry is currently championing. Typically designed on a neutral base such as canvas or raffia, with accents of black, leather, or cream depending on the main hue, two-tone styles feature contrasting accents on the handles, pockets, or base of the bag. Often characterized by color.

Available in a myriad of designs, including compact crossbodies, oversized totes, and neat clutches, the new handbag trend celebrates sophisticated classic style and offers something fresh for the new season. If you don’t know how to style it, many fashion influencers have already shared images of themselves wearing their outfits.

Influencers are styling two-tone bags.

I’m particularly interested in straw styles, which add more fun to summer looks, but I’ve also found versions made from supple leather or suede for a more formal option.

Read on for the two-tone bags I’m currently reviewing, from Demerier’s Capri Tote to Mango’s sophisticated crossbody.

The influencer wore a two-tone bag.

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