The 90s layered haircut trend is anything but chic

As a beauty editor, I’ve been lucky enough to interview a variety of industry experts, celebrities, hairstylists, and more, and when I ask them which era of beauty has inspired them the most, I would say the 90s. We don’t know what’s going on in this era, but hair and makeup have always looked so good, so it’s no wonder so many of the 90s beauty trends are making a comeback. From blue eyeshadow to bold highlights and French tips, this spring/summer is all about embracing a retro vibe.

But when it comes to haircuts, there is one classic style that has proven to be more popular than all others. Yes, I’m talking about his ’90s layers. This retro haircut has racked up millions of views on TikTok alone, and my Instagram feed is full of chic layered styles. This haircut was all the rage in the ’90s thanks to the likes of Jennifer Aniston (yes, we’re talking about the “Rachel” haircut) and Cindy Crawford. They always sported choppy layers with bouncy waves. Thanks to its polished finish, it remains highly popular.

(Image credit: Getty Images Kevin.Mazur / Contributor)

Although this cut is famous for being worn shoulder-length, it’s truly versatile and can be used with long or short hair. It’s important to keep the layers as defined as possible to achieve a chic and timeless result. If you’re not sure what to ask your hairdresser, why not check out some of my modern versions of her ’90s hairstyles below. Save your photos for your next salon appointment…

90s layered haircut inspiration:

@cassiskovic 90's layered haircut model

These layers are curled inward for a ’90s finish.

@sabinasocol sitting on a chair in Paris with a layered 90s haircut

Add some frames for the face to give it a soft outline.

@jastookes skiing with a 90s layered haircut

A wispy fringe takes this haircut to the next level.

@cassdimicco in Paris with 90s layered haircut

This whole look screams Rachel Green to me.