Summer’s biggest shoe trends are classic and won’t go out of style anytime soon.

This past weekend I wore sandals outdoors for the first time, and I didn’t immediately regret my decision. Summer may not have “officially” started yet, but in my heart and wardrobe, I believe it has already begun. I don’t feel like wearing anything again. Other than cold-weather shoes. This prompted him to put away his boots, chunky loafers, and shearling-lined slip-ons in favor of his collection of sandals, classy flats, and canvas trainers. But as I did so, I noticed that the tan sandals I’d been wearing so diligently for the past four summers were starting to look a little beat up. Maybe it’s because of the few Aperols I drank during the day, or maybe it’s the buzz I get from spending a few hours in the unobstructed sunlight, but yesterday evening I felt fresh for summer. As a treat to myself, I opened my laptop to put on my shoes. The big question is what to do.

In need of some inspiration and affirmation, I took to Instagram to look at summer shoe trends that fashionistas are already wearing. What I’ve found is that many of them stick to tried-and-true pairs that have become popular over the past few seasons, and I’m sure they’ll be just as relevant in a few years. So, from heels to flats to sandals to trainers, the more I looked, the more I saw what I thought was a near-perfect compilation of summer shoe trends. Therefore, I would like to organize and share them below.