Suki Waterhouse wears Adidas SL 72 sneakers at Coachella

Deciding on your wardrobe for Coachella can be a little difficult, as there are many factors involved. Beyond looking cool, comfort and functionality (outdoors, dust, walking, etc.) had to be addressed, and Coachella performer Suki Waterhouse dressed accordingly. After her set over the weekend, Waterhouse was photographed walking around the grounds with Robert Pattinson in a cool, functional outfit, which had a lot to do with her sneakers. .

If you’re getting a little tired of your Adidas Sambas or want something different, we’ve got some good news for you. Because the next adidas It sneaker, the SL 72, is here. Adidas was quick to release retro sneakers in a variety of colors. , and celebrities and influencers are embracing them at the same pace. To match her eclectic combination of white fur coat, pleated shorts, sheer tights and crew socks, Waterhouse chose RS-style yellow and blue SL 72 sneakers with a platform. If you’re interested, keep scrolling to shop the new Adidas It sneakers in various color combinations. However, these are expected to sell out everywhere, so be quick.

(Image credit: The Daily Stardust/LAGOSSIPTV/Backgrid)

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