Sidney Sweeney’s April cover interview on Who What Wear

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Sydney Sweeney has a good figure both on and off screen that we are used to seeing her look like. She is very tough and confident when she works for her production company Fifty Fifty Films. Whatever it takes to shape a project into the best possible shape, she does it without fear or hesitation. No matter how horrifying the scene she was there to perform, the same is true when she steps her foot in front of the camera. But her latest role, as Cecilia in the neon horror movie that just came out, spotless After the April cover shoot for Who What Wear magazine, Sweeney shows that she portrays resilience to the end, but after the April cover shoot for Who What Wear magazine, she… After an hour-long conversation, I learned that Sweeney, a 26-year-old actor and producer, is no stranger to some of the scarier things. Things in life. To celebrate her gore-filled new book, I asked Sweeney about all the things that make her anxious, and her answer didn’t disappoint. From cramped spaces and slasher movies to red carpet and Instagram comments, read it all below.

Once you’re done, listen to the entire conversation about this week’s episode. who wears whatThere, Sweeney shared the character she’s most excited to bring to life next, the strangest part of being famous, and her and her stylist’s detailed process. Molly Dixon, follow them to create their iconic red carpet ensembles. (Yes, there are mood boards involved. No, she doesn’t make her private Pinterest account public.) And these are just the highlights. Scroll down to learn more about Sydney Sweeney and check out the latest releases. spotlesscurrently in theaters.

Sidney Sweeney appears in Who What Wear's April cover story wearing a red wig and black Miu Miu outfit.

horror film? What is your type?