Love of my life: Ricky Wesley Harriott

Sometimes the most personal interview is the best one. In Loves of My Life, we get to know the people behind their work while asking the important questions we all wanted to know. Restaurants, date nights, what’s in your “saved” folder on Instagram, your most beloved jewelry, and what’s hiding at the bottom of your handbag. In short, the true love of their lives. First up is Ricky Wesley Harriott, founder and creative director of the London-based womenswear brand. SRVC.

Which restaurant in the world would you most like to go to? And what would you order?

A Korean restaurant in East London. babsan, literally the best food on the planet! Seafood pancake and yangnyeom chicken are amazing, there aren’t enough positive things I can say about the food there. Everyone needs to go, but not so much that you can’t get a table anymore.

Is there anything particularly sentimental in your wardrobe?