Lace-up ballet flats are quickly becoming the summer’s go-to shoe.

This summer, I became a total flat shoe fanatic. There was a long period when I, and many others in the fashion world, completely ignored flats in favor of ultra-high heels, but tastes have changed in recent years, and flats are back in our rotation like they’d never been there in the first place.

While I’ve been obsessed with the leather ballet flats and Mary Janes that were all the rage this summer, I’ve recently spotted a fresh flat trend that I just can’t get out of my head. The lace-up ballet flat trend, which features a lace-up design that’s a spin on the classic ballet shoe, has emerged as one of the biggest shoe trends this summer.

With ribbons, ties or straps that wrap around the ankle and extend down the calf, the delicate lace-up detailing of these flats sets them apart from other flats. Similar to traditional ballerina slippers, lace-up ballet flats have an elegant, feminine feel that makes the wearer look ultra chic.

The cute shoe trend has been all over fashion this summer and is already a staple for the new season. Not only do they look great with the voluminous skirts traditionally worn by ballet dancers, silk midi dresses and cotton dresses, but they’re also perfectly styled with smart trousers and baggy jeans.

Jennifer Lopez has effortlessly incorporated the flat shoe trend into her wardrobe to keep her office outfits cute and polished. Lopez’s combination of pinstripes, tough with the feminine energy of cute flats, balances out her look, creating a cohesive ensemble that has fashion editors talking.

Jennifer Lopez is wearing lace-up ballet flats.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Adding a playful energy to your outfit without sacrificing comfort, the lace-up ballet flat shoe trend is set to become a staple this summer, and with them already starting to appear in high street and designer stores alike, we present the best pairs to buy now.

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