Kendall Jenner elegantly styles the bright bag trend

We know you’re a little intimidated by the brighter colors in your wardrobe as we head into the spring season. As the dark days continue, you may be hesitant to move away from the black and navy hues that have kept you cozy all winter long. But now that the skies are finally turning vibrant blue tones and spring buds are blooming on the sidewalks, there’s no better time to style some shades that better capture the energy of this glorious new season .

Kendall Jenner epitomizes this mood with a timeless look that has become my spring wardrobe template. Pairing a navy suit with dark sunglasses and a bright orange handbag, Jenner incorporated a playful pop of color into her outfit in the most wearable way possible.

Reviving the winter color palette, Jenner’s thoughtful handbag additions capitalized on the bright handbag trend arriving just in time for spring. In response to recent popularity, red Bag trends and growing interest in bags olive green This season, the bright bag trend is gaining popularity as one of the easiest and chicest accessories.

(Image credit: Backgrid)

By allowing Jenner to create looks that are smart and sophisticated yet equally playful without over-the-top color or planning, anyone can add a bold arm to a subdued look in a matter of weeks. I predict they will add candy. Although Jenner’s Bottega Veneta Calimero Citta bag isn’t currently available, we’ve already spotted the bright bag trend in many of our brands.