Jennifer Lawrence pairs shoes and trousers in the most chic way

The transition from spring to summer isn’t always easy, wardrobe-wise. Things get easier as the seasons settle in, but in those first few weeks, when temperatures are still fluctuating and you haven’t yet sorted out last year’s summer clothes, it’s natural to feel like styling isn’t as easy as you thought it would be.

Jennifer Lawrence elevated her weekend look with one of the most underrated styling tricks to get us through these troubling times. Lawrence opted for red wide-leg pants, a clever color combination that created a sophisticated, coordinating look. Opting for mesh ballet flats in the same crimson color as the pants, the actress’ thoughtful color combination helped her create a cohesive ensemble that could withstand the hot summer sun.

(Image courtesy of Backgrid)

Pairing her pants and shoes with a crisp white t-shirt, the actress accessorized her summer look with dark black sunglasses and an oversized tote bag. To keep her look comfortable on hot New York days, Lawrence opted for trendy mesh flats rather than heels or strappy sandals, and opted for a simple black bucket hat to block the scorching sun.