How to take advantage of the Cool Girl burgundy mascara trend

Confession: I haven’t used black mascara in months. No, I wasn’t born with long, doll-like eyelashes. In fact, the opposite is true. My crush is blonde and stubbornly straight, so I rarely leave the house without pigment (or at least proper curls). These days, that pigment just happens to not be jet black.Navy, violet, emerald, cobalt, russet…I love playing with shades to take your look to the next level without much lift. (It’s much easier to swipe) jewel colored mascara Better than trying a graphic liner, right? )

I tend to rotate colors based on the rest of my makeup and my mood, but for the past few weeks my eyes have been gravitating toward deep maroons. I’m not alone. The term “burgundy mascara” has more than 53 million videos of him on TikTok, including millie bobby brown A reddish-purple pigment is gushing out. another user They even claim that “black mascara is out, burgundy mascara is here” (and I tend to agree!).

The hype is well justified. After all, burgundy complements any eye color. It emphasizes the fullness of brown eyes and makes blue and green eyes stand out (as they are on opposite sides of the color wheel). Also, in hazel orbs, it helps to make green or golden spots stand out. Swap your black mascara for burgundy and you’ll never look back, especially after browsing the amazing options below (and gorgeous eyeliner to match).

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