Emily Ratajkowski wore Loewe x On Cloud sneakers

Emily Ratajkowski is one of those celebrities who knows exactly what the coolest sneakers are at any given moment. She is photographed walking around New York City almost every day, and she wears sneakers 75% of the time. Earlier this week, Ratajkowski stepped out wearing black leggings and a sports bra. The sneakers that go with this casual look are a collaboration between a regular affordable sneaker brand and a designer brand.

The LOEWE x ON collaboration begins in 2022. The latest addition is the Loewe x On Cloud Tilt sneaker, which was first released last fall. Cloudtilts are his On lifestyle sneakers, featuring the brand’s signature cushioned sole. As expected, the sneakers sold out immediately upon release, but some colors have since been restocked. The monochromatic sneakers come in both bold hues (Ratajkowski wore a lime green pair) and neutral hues.

At $490, these sneakers aren’t cheap, but they’re much cheaper than On’s non-Loewe Cloud Tilt sneakers, and just as comfortable. So keep scrolling to see how Ratajkowski wore her sneakers and shop the Cloudtilt sneakers for yourself.

(Image provided by: Splash News)

Emily Ratajkowski walks her dog in LOEWE x ON sneaker leggings

(Image provided by: Splash News)

About Emily Ratajkowski: ray ban Zena 52mm geometric sunglasses ($151); Loewe + On Cloudtilt Stretch Recycled Knit Sneakers (Lime Green) ($490)

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