Does face massage affect fillers? Experts say nothing

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If you scroll through Instagram or TikTok, we guarantee you’ll come across at least one video detailing how to give yourself a face massage at home to achieve fresher, brighter, and firmer skin. Advocates often share some pretty epic before and after photos to prove how face massages have improved their looks. While I can’t personally verify the validity of the thousands of posts on social media, skin experts say facial massage has real benefits, including lymphatic drainage and increased blood circulation. He says there is.

Personally, I do a 5-minute facial massage every morning to reduce puffiness and refresh skin that looks dull and tired. But lately I’ve been wondering if I can stay dedicated to this little ritual. As I enter the last year of my twenties, I am beginning to see signs of aging. Yes, that means I’m officially considering getting a little Botox and fillers to get back on track. And after doing some research, I came across conflicting advice about whether or not to continue massaging your face after the injection. Some people say that’s okay. Some say the filler can dissolve or migrate. So what is the truth? I reached out to three skin experts to find out thoroughly.

Woman doing face massage at home

(Image credit: Stocksy)

First, what is the difference between Botox and fillers?