Concave haircuts are all the rage right now, but what are they?

I’m about to cut my hair, and honestly, I need a little inspiration before my appointment with the salon. I’ve always had long hair. I love the chic bob hairstyles on others, but short hair just isn’t for me. Hair trends come and go, but I’m very particular about my length. Thinking about it, I’ve never tried hair shorter than shoulder length. That said, I get bored of long hairstyles very quickly, so I was looking for some haircut inspiration when I noticed that searches for “concave haircut” on Google are trending right now. I was intrigued because it’s a haircut that looks great on long and medium length hair.

What is a Concave Haircut?

Concave haircuts feature graduated layers that frame the face, creating an inward-rounded silhouette. The layers on top are shorter and get longer towards the bottom of the hair. This is similar to a C-cut hairstyle with flicked layers that frame the face and give shape and movement throughout the length.

It’s especially flattering on medium to longer hair lengths. The face-framing layers weigh your hair down and give it movement and shape, even when air-drying. Style it straight and sleek, or use a hot brush to give it bouncy length – the styling options are endless. The added volume makes hair look super healthy and bouncy. And for curly hair types, the graduated layers define the curls, adding volume and definition to your hair.

Ready to try a concave cut? Scroll ahead for all the inspiration you need.

Concave Haircut Ideas to Try

Laura Harrier with concave haircut

Laura Harrier was clearly ahead of her time when she stepped out with this haircut not long ago.

Daisy Edgar Jones with concave haircut

Daisy Edgar-Jones has a concave haircut with subtle layers and fringe that is super chic.

Emily Ratajowski with concave haircut

The recessed layers of Emrata’s cut framed her face beautifully.

Simone Ashley with concave haircut

The graduated layers in Simone Azoulier’s hair give the curls a flattering silhouette and create a halo effect.

Iman Randolph with concave braids

(Image courtesy of @champagnemani)

Concave layers are perfect for braiding to create a face-framing shape.