Bright nail color trends for 2024 will take salons by storm this summer, experts say

The number of incredible events is already too numerous to count. Nail Trends The trend colors for 2024 are: Buttermilk Yellow and Sky blue Or kitsch Strawberry pattern nails and 90s style manicureIncredible many Nail Art Ideas This will be an opportunity to go to the salon. Minimalist Nail Art It’s certainly popular now, Bright nail colors is also making a comeback.

“I love how bright nail polish brings joy,” exclaims International Nail Artist Julia Diogo“Not only for our clients, but for us manicurists too. Bright nails are an expression of individuality, which I love. Nails aren’t permanent and can be changed at any time, so it’s great to inject some fun, joy and boldness.”

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and Diogo He’s not the only expert enthusiastic about the mood-boosting effects of bright nail polish. “You can really capture your mood through nail polish. Research has shown that people associate certain colors with emotions, so nail polish can be an effective way to boost your mood,” he says. Session Nail Artist Ami Street“Red and pink are associated with love, orange with joy, and purple with fun, so you should consider these the next time you choose a bright color.”

Bright nail color trends

What’s the hottest bright nail color trend right now? There’s a rainbow of hues to choose from. Read on to find out which shades customers are asking for again and again, and our predictions for the vibrant colors we’ll all be wearing in the coming months.

1. Sunshine Yellow

Bright Nail Color Trend: Sunshine Yellow

Style Notes: Yellow nails are all the rage so far in 2024, making them an obvious choice if you’re looking for a bright manicure and a cheery vibe. “I’m seeing a lot of my clients choosing yellow – not just pastels, but bright yellows, which I love,” Diogo says.

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2. Hot Red

Bright Nail Color Trend: Hot Red

Style Notes: Red nails are a timeless manicure choice because they come in so many shades, and a vibrant red is a great place to start if you want to try a more vibrant color. “Bright red nail polishes are always popular, and bright orange-based shades in particular look great on olive and tanned skin tones,” she explains. street.

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3. Sky Blue

Bright nail color: Sky blue

Style Notes: Blue nails have emerged as one of the nail trends for summer, and sky blue in particular is a great option for those looking for a bright nail color that will go with any color scheme. “Chanel’s limited edition shimmery metallic blue shade LaGyun “It’s been very well received by clients.” street“Inspired by the ocean world, it’s the perfect color for the holiday season.”