Aritzia’s top 15 new spring items we tried IRL

welcome to get a roomthe editor Eliza Hoover Head into the dressing room and try on items from your retailers, trending pieces, and new collections. Think of this column as a detailed guide to which products are actually worth buying and which ones, unfortunately, were better off looking online. No need to return.

I previously lived in SoHo, New York City’s major shopping district. a lot Every time I needed to buy something, it took me a long time to stop at one store after another. My job allows me to stay up to date with new information, but living in the sun going from store to store has given me a new level of market knowledge. Now that I live on the Upper West Side, I go out for random shopping less often, so when I stop somewhere I have to spend a fair amount of time there to really take in what’s new. Aritzia is one of the stores I knew well before he was a year old. During a recent visit to the SoHo flagship store, it took him at least an hour to browse through the products heralding the arrival of spring, and then he did it again to choose what he wanted to try on. After having a cappuccino inside (IYKYK), I started drinking my newest drink since I had been away for too long.

Ahead, get the inside scoop on Aritzia’s 15 best new releases for spring. This includes private label items from retailers such as Babaton, Wilfred and Denim Forum, as well as external additions from Levi’s. All of this was all when I tried on his clothes IRL, taking over a weekday morning in a grand fitting room situation at a SoHo store. Whether it’s a dressed-up ensemble such as a skirt or suit, or a casual combination with denim shorts or jeans, it gives off a sophisticated look and is suitable for any occasion. Enjoy, because pretty much everything you need to know about Aritzia’s latest drop is just a scroll away. (I know I did.)

When I put together an outfit, no matter the occasion or where I’m sourcing it from, Prada is always the blueprint. When I spotted this white A-line she-skirt in Aritzia, I knew I had to go full on with Prada Fall/Winter 23 style and style it with a contrast-colored blazer and Kitten she-heels from the collection I happened to come across. . Please wear it during this try-on. I’m obsessed with how this style feels vintage, yet still feels modern and relevant. While the skirt is dangerously beautiful, the look really revolves around this tucked-in gray blazer, which is incredibly high quality and fits in all the right places.