8 Most Anticipated Trends for Summer 2024

Depending on where you’re reading this, it may not necessarily feel like summer is just around the corner; teeth. He is just over five weeks away from the first official game of the season. Summer will be here before you know it, as these five weeks of his life go by just as quickly as his last five weeks. That’s why we must stop procrastinating and start preparing for the upcoming wave of global warming. Believe please. You don’t want to be that person who forgets to switch out their wardrobe and as a result has to spend their first perfect summer day organizing their room.

To help you start the transition from spring to summer (or if you live in New York City like I do, winter (from summer to summer), I’ve spent the past week diving into the trends that will dominate throughout the coming season, looking back at Spring 2024 runway shows, combing through Instagram, and shopping online for hours at a time. I focused on making sure my preferences were met. The results were 100% accurate. Ahead, take a look at the eight trends I came up with for her. We can safely say that all of them are highly anticipated in the fashion world.

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Poplin for summer? Groundbreaking, I know. But honestly, I feel like this cotton fabric is at its best right now, and at the moment it’s vying for the number one summer spot that linen has held for decades. As well as button-down shirts, poplin is currently the most sought-after material for skirts, dresses and pants, especially white, not to mention versions of it on the runways of Emilia, Wickstead, Taub, Valentino and more. is also appearing. Stay on Instagram’s chicest feed.

A collage of Instagram, street style, runway, flat, and model-worn product images showcasing classic summer 2024 swimwear trends.

Over the years, swimwear trends have ranged from super high-waisted briefs to skimpy Brazilian bottoms, from bright prints to interesting textures. But this summer’s biggest trend isn’t actually a trend at all. Instead, the swimwear world is going back to the classics, with black and white color schemes and simple one-pieces and balconette bikinis, elevating elegant styles that have stood the test of time and beating out flashier, flashier competitors. .

A collage of product images from Instagram, street style, runway, flats and models showcasing summer 2024 elegance trends.

The recent uptick in interest in all things elegance is due to a number of things, including a new FX show. Feud: Capote vs. Swans Prada’s 24th Spring/Summer Satin Shoes Collection. But it doesn’t really matter what inspired you to swap your cutoffs for a double satin skirt or your crop top for a tailored longline vest. We are here, in the era of elegance. And I myself have no intention of giving up on that.

A collage of product images from Instagram, street style, runway, flats and models showcasing the summer 2024 capri pants trend.

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Shortly after Tory Burch’s Spring/Summer ’24 runway show, I wrote about the return of the capri pant. Still, I didn’t know how big it would actually get by the time spring turned into summer. Today, capri pants, especially pedal pushers, are everywhere and quickly became the “trend” of this season.

A collage of product images from Instagram, street style, runway, flats, and models showcasing the summer 2024 thong sandal trends.

There’s nothing I love more than discovering that a controversial trend has surfaced and the fashion world is peaking to see if it’s ready for it yet. That’s exactly what I found when I started looking for his summer 2024 trends, and this time, the controversial trends in question aren’t just testing the waters. We have already set up shop on the coast. Yes, we’re talking about a shoe style that New Yorkers have a strong attachment to: thong sandals. Sorry to all the haters, but between kitten heel styles and classic flip-flops, there’s a thong trend that’s here to stay.