5 runway trends to add to your activewear drawer

As a child, I had two major hobbies. It’s sports and shopping after school. At the time, the phrase “shopping is aerobic exercise” was being thrown around a lot, so you could say I was active in both situations. It was an absolute vibe to be alive during the peak of mall retail. Now that shopping has become an online sport, he misses the days of shopping and impulse buying, only to get into trouble from time to time.

My mother persuaded me to play tennis. Because if I play tennis, I have to wear more Lululemon. It was the first time my love of fashion really combined with my love of being active. Now, a new training set makes my day. Feeling and looking your best in activewear will do wonders for your performance at the gym or Pilates class. Runway season is coming to an end, so while we’re sweating it out, we decided to round up our ways to wear our recent runway trends.


(Image credit: 16Arlington, via Imaxtree)

I’m still 100% here for a pop of red, but I’m joining the rest of the fashion crowd and gradually shifting my focus to deeper shades of oxblood. Everything I own, from my nails to my activewear drawer, is slowly undergoing that transformation.

2. Back to basics

2024 Runway Trends

(Image credit: Coach via Imaxtree)

Investing in quality basics never fails in any department. For me, activewear means finding pieces that are easy to mix and match. Ideally, it represents a pile of classic leggings, headbands, socks, and other items that you can mix and match in any way you want before your workout.

3. Hot pants

2024 Runway Trends

(Image credit: Chloé, via Imaxtree)

Shorts these days seem to be either as short as humanly possible or Bermuda style. You have to choose one or the other. She prefers longer cuts in her day-to-day wardrobe, but when it comes to activewear, she enjoys the thrill of fully exposing her thighs in exchange for a high-fashion hot-pants moment.

4. Ivy League Sports

2024 Runway Trends

(Image credit: Miu Miu, via Imaxtree)

Want to look like a professional athlete who went to Harvard and plays squash instead of dribbling a basketball? Try adopting the Ivy League sports aesthetic. I love seeing this on my Instagram feed and it inspires me every time. This is also a great opportunity to style your leisure clothes with cool activewear.

5. Sheer

2024 Runway Trends

(Image credit: Acne Studios, via Imaxtree)

Yes, everything is now transparent. Since I always layer my activewear, I actually find it easiest to layer something lighter for my workout routine. Whether it’s a gauze long-sleeve shirt or an edgy tennis skirt, I’m obsessed with finding ways to wear something sheer while working out.