5 Expert Travel Tips to Level Up Your Flying Experience This Summer

With so many flights slated for this summer and beyond, my group chats and social media feeds are filled with chic outfits, stunning landscape photos, and hotel shots from this busy travel season. The secret to having a fun, luxurious summer abroad is to save as much money as possible, which for me usually means taking overnight flights and sitting in the back of cramped economy class.

I’m a travel guru (I spent over 150 hours on planes last year alone!) and I’ve pretty much figured out how to make economy feel like first class. From making the most of your in-flight beauty routine to packing trendy travel accessories for long-haul international flights, these five travel tips will make your experience all the more enjoyable to your final destination. No upgrade required!

Invest in a quality carry-on suitcase

Woman traveling to the airport wearing jeans, a blazer and a blue carry-on suitcase

Long gone are the days of rolling around the airport with a half-broken suitcase missing a wheel or two. After making a major upgrade from my $35 clearance carry-on to a Rimowa carry-on-sized suitcase, I’m telling everyone around me to do the same. Unlike checked luggage, your carry-on is going to be with you the entire flight, so it’s important to buy an investment that’s going to last. No one will care if you’re sitting in row 33.

Plan your in-flight beauty routine

A woman traveling wearing an under-eye mask and over-ear headphones.

It’s easy to neglect your skincare routine on a long-haul flight. Instead of washing your face with soap from the bathroom and hoping for the best, upgrade your wellness experience with travel-sized products you can use from the comfort of your seat. Whether it’s a sheet mask, eye patch, or lip balm, small changes can go a long way on a flight that’s over six hours long.

Pack a comfortable matching set for long-haul flights

A woman traveling wearing a two-piece set with matching UGG slippers

As much as we’d love to be the stylish traveler who wears a white button-down shirt and jeans to the airport, we have to be realistic: Instead of heading to the runway, throw on your cute two-piece matching set, so you’ll look (and feel!) put together even if you’re wearing what look like pajamas.

Don’t Forget Your TikTok Travel Accessories

Traveling woman holding passport case with boarding pass and ballet shoes white jeans.

While the TikTok shop and Amazon may have some questionable flight accessories, I have to say some of the travel products I’ve seen on the app are worth it. After giving in to the algorithm and purchasing a portable charger, supplement case, packing cubes, and more, my flight experience has improved immensely. Nothing gives you more peace of mind than knowing you’ve made the most of your economy seat.

Woman travelling in Adidas samba shoes in the back seat of a car

Just like wearing the same shoes, don’t be afraid to wear your comfy slippers or your go-to sneakers on the plane. It’s tempting to wear your thickest, heaviest shoes on the plane to conserve luggage space and avoid excess weight fees, but you’ll regret it as soon as you take off. If you hate wearing your comfy slippers while walking around the airport, invest in some lightweight, easy-to-carry shoes that you can change into on the plane.